Samsung Galaxy S10 Top 5 FEATURES

We all know that Samsung's new flagship series, the Samsung Galaxy S10, has been launched at Samsung Unpacked Event in San Francisco. Let us tell you that Samsung has introduced Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and Samsung Galaxy Fold in addition to Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 + and Samsung Galaxy S10e from Samsung. As you know, some new features are also launched with Samsung's every new phone, which we have never heard before today, something similar from Samsung's The models have also been done. Today we are going to tell you about some such features. So let's talk about and know about Samsung's Galaxy S10's Top 5 FEATURES.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Top 5 Features

1. AMOLED Display

The biggest feature of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series is its AMOLED display, you can tell that the mobile phone has been launched with the INFINITY-O display, which was created by Samsung for its flagship grade smartphones. Went. Let us tell you that due to this display, you get the best color in the screen, as well as you get spectacular visibility in the sun's strong light. Apart from this, you tell us that this is the world's first such display that comes with HDR10 + support. Apart from this, the Dynamic AMOLED display brightness supports up to 1,200 nits. Apart from this, you are also told that you also get blue light reduction in these displays, which greatly increases the color acuracieity. This means that it can be said that the discs which are given in this series are the most spectacular, and the world has so far the first display.

2. Ultrasonic Fingerprint Reader

If we talk about fingerprint sensors, then this is the first phone that is equipped with such fingerprint sensors in the world. Tells you that Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone is getting an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which is available inside the display, for this, you do not see any activity on the display as many other fonts. You just have to touch on the display and it is capable of unlocking and locking your phone. This is also the first feature in the world that has been installed in a phone, let you know that the phone's faulty reflex sensors have been reduced from Samsung's side and it is also said to be It may have been completely eliminated.

3. Pro Grade Camera

If we discuss the camera, the camera has the best camera in the mobile phone, as you know that Samsung is already in the discussion with its fons camera. This mobile phone has also been done by the company, Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone is getting you Dual OIS optical image stabilization technology, apart from this, you can tell that you are also getting 2PD autofocus in it, as well Apart from the ultra-wide angle you have got fixed autofocus and 10X digital zoom also with the camera, which makes the camera even more laborious. This means that you can easily capture every single detail through the camera.

4. Wireless Power Share

This feature, which is available in the Samsung Galaxy S10, can be said more specifically, you can tell that through it you can charge any other device without touching its back with any wire. You can also charge Samsung's Airbus through it, you will only need a wireless device, which allows you to charge any device easily, although you must have a QI enabled device for it. , Not every device can be charged in this way. Now you might be thinking about that if you can charge another device with this device, then the Iskky battery will also end. However, this is not the case when your Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone battery gets 30 percent, then it stops charging to any other device. It has its AI capability.

How to enable Wireless Power Share feature

1. For this you need to first unlock your Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone with the help of its ultra-sonic fingerprint sensor.
2. After this you will need to go to the Quick Settings panel, which you can go by swiping down.
3. After this you have to enable this feature by tapping on Wireless PowerShare.
4. After this set your Samsung Galaxy S10 device to a flat surface.
5. After this, you have to take advantage of this feature by putting your QI enabled wireless charging device on your Samsung Galaxy S10.
6. Now you can see your device charging via Samsung Galaxy S10.

Let's now discuss the most unique and about the first device in the world that has been launched with 5G support. This can be called the 5th most special feature of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series.

5. 5G Model

Let me tell you that a 5G phone has also been launched by Samsung, which has been launched in the name of Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. This mobile phone can be called the world's first 5G mobile phone. And this is its most important feature.
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